Instructions for use Artrovex

In order to achieve the maximum effect when using the cream, you need to read the instructions.

Lining included, at a function in France, contains all the basic information on the proper use of the cream. Read how to use bio-cream against pain in joints and back.


  1. inflammatory processes in the joints;
  2. the painful sensations during the driving;
  3. swelling of the joints in the morning and evening hours;
  4. stiffness and limitation of mobility;
  5. redness of the joints;
  6. pain when you click on the joints;
  7. tingling sensation as sugar diabetes area;
  8. the change of the shape of the fingers of the hands and feet.

How to use Artrovex

We recommend that you use the cream daily for one to three months.

Apply the cream 2-3 raa per day by massaging

As prevention it is sufficient to use the product two times a year.

When you apply the tools to follow the following scheme:

  1. take a shower;
  2. squeeze a small amount on the hand;
  3. rub the cream in, massaging into problem areas;
  4. use Artrovex two-three times per day.

The regular use and proper dosing cream helps to restore joint mobility and ease of movement.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to the components.

Again you will feel the joy of life!